Committee: Central Oregon Sheet Metal JATC 7013

Apprenticeship Programs Offered:

  • Sheet Metal Worker

Minimum Qualifications for Applicants are:

1. Minimum of eighteen (18) years of age.
2. High school graduate with at least a 2.0 GPA or a GED examination score of 230 or above forthose who took the exam before December 31, 2001 or 2300 for those who have taken the exam after December 31, 2001
3. A grade of “C” or better in one year of high school Algebra or its equivalent. (Equivalent would consist of a post-high school algebra course or a college placement test showing placement to be above beginning algebra.)

Sheet Metal Worker

Description of Work:

Sheet Metal workers fabricate and install fittings and ductwork used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in residential, commercial and industrial applications. They also install general metal roofing, flashing and siding.

They set up and operate shears, press brakes, hand brakes, bending rolls, welding machines and other equipment to cut, form and attach metal together.

Building commercial kitchen equipment and industrial mill jobs, built with stainless steel and thick metals, can also be part of the trade.